Friday, 20 September 2013


UNIT 1: Introduction to Fermentation process.
Upstream Process, Downstream Process, Range of fermentation process,
Component parts of fermentation process

UNIT 2: Media for Industrial fermentations

Medium Sterilization. Batch Sterilization: Continuous sterilization, Fermentor
Sterilization, Feed Sterilization, Filter sterilization

UNIT 3: Bioreactor Design

Construction material, Aeration and agitation, Sampling/ Feed port, Valves and
steam traps

UNIT 4: Growth kinetics and stolchiometry
Batch Culture, Continuous culture, Fed Batch Culture
Stolchiometric calan: Elemental Balance, Yield coefficient

UNIT 5: Types of Reactor
Stirred tank reactor, Acetators and Cavitators, Air Lift Reactor, Bubble Column
Reactor, Packed Bed Reactor, Fluidized Bed Reactor, Photobioreactor

UNIT 6: Solid state Fermentation
Bioreactors in solid state fermentation.

UNIT 7: Process monitoring and control.
Physical and chemical sensors for medium and gases, Online/ Offline sensors

UNIT 8: Microbial interactions
Effluent treatment, Process Economics, Scale up procedure from lab scale to pilot


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